St.Joseph’s Governing Body currently have a vacancy for a Parent Governor.  We are looking for a current parent of a pupil within the school.  Ideally, we are hoping for someone with IT skills to come forward, but anyone is welcome to apply.

The Governor’s role has somewhat changed over the years and carries many responsibilities.  It requires time and commitment, energy and effort and dedication to the school, staff and pupils.  There will be opportunities for training and guidance on Governing matters and this is a necessity to be able to be an active member of the Governing Board.  This training may be at weekends, evenings or during the working day.  Time is also spent in school; with the children, staff, at events, monitoring and meetings so availability to do this (and evening meetings) is essential.

If you are interested and require more information, please leave your name and number at school reception and one of us will be in touch.




Hello. Just to introduce myself.

I am Jacinta Litherland and I am a Foundation Parent Governor of St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.  I have been on the Governing body for 3 years now and my role is to provide a link between the parish of St. Joseph’s, parents and the school. I am hoping to use this blog to keep parents informed of what we are doing and also as a means for parents to contact us. Please do not hesitate to contact me in person or leave a message with the office and it will get to me!

Thank you


Welcome to the governors’ blog.

We hope to use this blog to keep you informed about wha the governing body is doing and provide a means for you to give us your feedback and thoughts about the school.


John Rimmer

Chair of Governors